Tuesday, 1 October 2019

Cisco 100-105 Questions Answers

A workstation has just resolved a browser URL to the IP address of a server. Which protocol will the workstation now use to determine the destination MAC address to be placed into frames directed toward the sever?


Answer: A

What is the default lease time for a DHCP binding?

A. 24 hours
B. 12 hours
C. 48 hours
D. 36 hours

Answer: A

Friday, 21 December 2018

Cisco 100-105 Questions Answers

Which RFC was created to alleviate the depletion of IPv4 public addresses?

A. RFC 4193
B. RFC 1519
C. RFC 1518
D. RFC 1918

Answer: D

For both the Router and the Switch the simulated console mode needs to start and remain in enabled mode. RouterA and SwitchA have been configured to operate in a private network which will connect to the Internet. You have been asked to review the configuration prior
to cabling and implementation. This task requires the use of various IOS commands to access and inspect the running configuration of RouterA and SwitchA. No configuration changes are
necessary. You will connect to RouterA and SwilchA via the console devices that are attached to each. There are 4 multiple-choice questions with this task. Be sure to answer all of them before leaving this item. In order to score the maximum points you will need to have accessed both SwitchA and RouterA.
NOTE: The configuration command has been disabled for both the router and switch in this simulation.

Which two of the following are true regarding the configuration of RouterA? (Choose two.)

A. at least 5 simultaneous remote connections are possible
B. only telnet protocol connections to RouterA are supported
C. remote connections to RouterA using telnet will succeed
D. console line connections will never time out due to inactivity
E. since DHCP is not used on Fa0/1 there is no need to use the NAT protocol

Answer: AC

Sunday, 29 July 2018

Cisco And Google To Collaborate On Product Integration

 Cisco has announced a new integration of Cisco productivity solutions with Google products to improve workplace efficiency.

Product integration focuses primarily on Cisco Webex video meeting solutions and contact center solutions.

Among the new capabilities announced are the use of Google's Artificial Intelligence solutions to support contact center agents who use Cisco's contact center software. Google AI will be added to Cisco Customer Journey Solutions through Google Cloud's new Contact Center AI solution.

Cisco solutions will also include integration with Google's productivity package, such as the ability to schedule Cisco Webex meetings directly from Google Calendar and the ability to use Google Docs, Sheets, Slides and Forms in Team Spaces. Webex

The two companies will also work on the development of Google AI for capabilities such as transcription, translation, meeting summaries and task management.

For mobile devices, Cisco launched an Android SDK for Webex Teams, which will help developers add Cisco collaboration capabilities in their Android applications.

"Together, Cisco and Google Cloud can generate significant value for our customers," said Amy Chang, senior vice president of Cisco Collaboration. "We are excited about these initial integrations and what is to come as we work together to improve the future of work, this is just the beginning."

Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Cisco 100-105 Question Answer

Which function enables an administrator to route multiple VLANs on a router?

A. IEEE 802.1X
C. port channel
D. router on a stick

Answer: D

Which NTP command configures the local device as an NTP reference clock source?

A. ntp peer
B. ntp broadcast
C. ntp master
D. ntp server

Answer: C

Wednesday, 27 December 2017

Cisco 100-105 Question Answer

Which NAT type is used to translate a single inside address to a single outside address?

A. dynamic NAT
B. NAT overload
D. static NAT

Answer: D

Which option is a valid hostname for a switch?

A. 5witch-Cisco
B. Switch-Cisco!
C. 5witchCisc0
D. SwitchCisc0

Answer: D

Thursday, 7 September 2017

Cisco 100-105 Question Answer

Which statement about static routes is true?

A. The source interface can be configured to make routing decisions.
B. A subnet mask is entered for the next-hop address.
C. The subnet mask is by default.
D. The exit interface can be specified to indicate where the packets will be routed.

Answer: D

Which two statements describe the IP address (Choose two.)

A. The lowest host address in the subnet is
B. The last valid host address in the subnet is
C. The network is not subnetted.
D. The broadcast address of the subnet is
E. The subnet address is

Answer: AD

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Cisco Is Launching A New Type Of Network To Help Stop Cyberattacks

  • Cisco's new "intentional-based" networking solution can detect malware even when it is hidden in encrypted traffic.
  • Cisco says it is using automatic learning and artificial intelligence to help detect these threats.

Cisco announced the launch of a completely new network based on intentions that will be able to detect malware when hidden in encrypted traffic, something that states no other company can do.

The new technology could make it more difficult for cyber-attackers to carry out attacks against organizations using Cisco equipment.

"We are ushering in a new age of networks that is driven by intent, informed by context and over time continues to adapt and learn," Cisco president Chuck Robbins told CNBC's David Faber. "This is a seminal moment in networking."

Cisco says that this new intentions-based software, Encrypted Traffic Encryption, is the most advanced way to detect anomalies in billions of devices and data. ETA is able to detect pattern abnormalities in encrypted traffic without compromising privacy, Cisco says.

The software, which will be offered as a subscription service, is currently in field trials with 75 clients, and according to Robbins, it is 99 percent effective.

"With our investors we've been talking about this ongoing shift toward greater software content in our business," Robbins said. "We believe this launch today is the start of a journey to help us launch that software and subscription model in our core, which is what our investors have been asking us."

Shares of Cisco were under pressure last month when the company gave fourth-quarter revenue guidance that was below expectations. So far this year, shares have risen about 7 percent.