Sunday, 11 June 2017

Cisco Systems: Good Income And Total Return For This Computer Network Provider

  • Cisco Systems' total return exceeded the DOW average for my 53-month trial period by 18.96%.
  • Cisco Systems has increased its dividend for 7 of the last 10 years with a current yield of 3.6%, which is well above average.
  • The price of Cisco Systems can gain some traction if the president of the United States reduces the tax on foreign earnings.

This article is about Cisco Systems (CSCO) and why it is a purchase for the total return investor with interest also for the dividend growth investor. Cisco Systems develops a range of information technology products that provide integrated solutions to the computer network infrastructure in the United States and in foreign countries. I've had comments on previous articles about why I compare performance with DOW average, so I'll look at some other DOW companies and see how they work well enough to add to my portfolio. The third to consider is Cisco Systems and is a buy when forward growth improves. I use the DOW because six of the good business portfolio companies are in the DOW and got there because they are good businesses that make money in good times and bad.The basics of Cisco Systems will be reviewed on the following topics: The Good Business Portfolio Guidelines, Total Yield and Annual Dividend, Last Quarter Earnings, Company Business and Recent Portfolio Changes and Changes.

I use a set of guidelines that I coded in recent years to review the Good Business portfolio (my portfolio) and other companies I'm checking out. For a complete set of guidelines, see my article "The Good Business Portfolio: Guidelines Update and Performance Review for July 2016." These guidelines provide me with a balanced portfolio of revenue, defensive, total return and business growth that I hope keeps me ahead of the Dow average.

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